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Stewart Emery Success Made to Last

Stewart Emery is a guru of enduring success, studying the great minds of masters. You will become a better version of your self through Stewart’s thought provoking interviews. Remember this…live experientially and your life will become richer.

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  1. Deb Borkowski

    Scott Mautz is a seasoned podcast guest who knows how to bring unique value to each podcast’s listeners. He’d love to create an “audience favorite” podcast episode for you, too. Scott is an accomplished author with a relevant new book coming out on May 18th titled: Leading from the Middle: A Playbook for Managers to Influence Up, Down, and Across the Organization. The book is a love letter to the backbone of every organization, (and yet those who are too often overlooked) — the middle manager. For discussion fodder, he can draw from a variety of topics in the book, including:

    * The unique challenges that those who must lead from the “messy middle” face, as well as strategies for middle managers to overcome these challenges
    * Tips for the variety of roles (and there are a lot) the middle manager must play
    * The mindset and skill set required for leading effectively from the middle
    * How to lead up (lead your boss) effectively including how to go beyond managing your manager to building a great relationship and how to disagree with your boss/give them feedback
    * How to lead down (your employees) including how to have great coaching conversations, how to give transformative feedback, and how to pinpoint what employees must improve upon
    * How to influence across the organization, including how to lead teams with excellence and how to influence peers
    * How to lead change (the vital role that middle managers play in this)

    To add extra value to your audience, Scott (with your permission) would close out his segment by offering your listeners free access to a downloadable “Leading from the Middle” toolkit created just for them (to help them put into practice what they will have just heard). The idea is to maximally reward the listeners for their time spent listening to your episode with Scott.

    Scott works hard to be a stand-out guest – he takes his appearances on podcasts seriously. I hope you’ll seriously consider having him as a guest on your show. If you’d like to learn more about Scott and/or his new book, here’s a link to his website:
    Kindly respond to this email if interested, and I’ll work the logistics from there.

    Deb Borkowski
    Business Manager

    • admin

      Deb- I know Scott from P&G Alumni and would welcome him back AGAIN to our podcast. Email me at to schedule a date. March 12th, 15th or 16th work for me.


      Rick Tocquigny


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