Pat Williams on Success Made to Last talking about Coach John Wooden

Pat Williams, Orlando Magic co-founder and NBA Basketball Hall of Fame, debuts his 108th book. Titled Coach Wooden’s Forgotten Teams, this book is about the lessons learned from the summer camps that legendary coach John Wooden led during his time at UCLA. Hear secrets of mentor ship on this show.

Seth Godin on Success Made to Last talking with Rick Tocquigny about Linchpin

Seth Godin takes the Success Made to Last stage to discuss one of our favorite books Linchpin….Are You Indispensable? Hear his brilliant insight and secrets revealed through this book.

Homer Hickham, New York Times best selling author, returns to Success Made to Last, to discuss one of his latest books- Carrying Albert Home, a hilarious recount of the true story featuring Buddy Epsen (The Beverly Hillbillies) courting Homer’s Mom. It’s true!

When Core Values are Strategic with author Rick Tocquigny thought leader of Procter and Gamble Alumni Network

What do legendary leaders from Disney, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, Ebay, Microsoft, FedEx, Walmart, PepsiCo and Saatchi & Saatchi have in common? They all learned the critical importance of core values as managers at Procter & Gamble. This is a practical resource for leaders building unique company culture. From Success Made to Last co-founder Rick Tocquigny.

Life Lessons from Veterans by author Rick Tocquigny paying tribute to great Americans who defended our country

This extraordinary book provides an array of personal stories from nightmarish battle memories of Iwo Jima to the shores of Normandy. With unprecedented access to veterans and 30 unpublished memoirs, this is a tribute to the brave and courageous, sacrificing their lives to defend the freedom we enjoy today. From Success Made to Last co-founder- Rick Tocquigny. Email for an autographed copy, personalize with a “thanks” to Veterans.

Stewart Emery author of Success Built to Last a cornerstone narrative for Success Made to Last

Discover how successful people stay successful. Learn the secret to enduring success and how you true “builders” don’t obsess over daily dilemmas. Authored by one of our mentors- Stewart Emery.

Ivan Misner and Stewart Emery authors of Who is in your Room

The Secret to Creating Your Best Life- Can you imagine living a better life? Would you like to surround yourself with more supportive people? This book introduces you to the concept of your life being like a room- a room where anyone who enters affects your life…forever. Authored by two of our personal mentors- Dr. Ivan Misner and Stewart Emery.

Ivan Misner of Givers Gain now in the twentieth publication our mantra at Success Made to LastThis is the introduction to BNI, the world’s largest business referral and networking organization. Dr. Misner traces the history, growing pains, and innovations that have resulted in the best system for growing your business through referrals. Existing members should read to understand the organization and prospects should read so they will be compelled to seek out the group in their area. The other books in the series should be read subsequently so as to gain the greatest benefit. My involvement in BNI has been the single-largest contributor to the growth of my business. Read this first and then the others that follow so that you can claim your benefit, too!

Ivan Misner of How to build your inner circle Can you imagine living a better life? Would you like to surround yourself with more supportive people? There’s hope! You see, the quality of your life depends on the people in your life. The simple and powerful ideas in this workshop can change your life forever. This workshop introduces you to the concept of your life being like a room–a room where anyone who enters affects your life . . . forever. Although this concept may sound frightening, this workshop gives you the tools and exercises you need to take control of your room and live the life you desire.

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Stewart Emery Success Made to Last

Stewart Emery is a guru of enduring success, studying the great minds of masters. You will become a better version of your self through Stewart’s thought provoking interviews. Remember this…live experientially and your life will become richer.

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