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Welcome to Success Made to Last, the Austin, Texas based media company with podcasts focused on the topic of significance. Now celebrating our 15th year in broadcasting with over 3700 shows, we continue to move from mere living to a life of giving. 

Over the last 200 shows, you have voted for our shows by virtue of listening. Here are your favorites that you can share with others and help spread the word on the virtues of helping others. Thanks for tuning in.

Episode #3790 Iron Chef and James Beard Award winner Chef Vitaly Paley and his extraordinary wife and business partner Kimberly Paley, talk about their illustrious career, marriage and the art of PAUSING. This is a very popular episode. Enjoy this tasty conversation.

Episode #3781 Matt Abrahams is a best selling author of Think Faster, Talk Smarter. Hear this insightful conversation that will help you turn habits into choices, especially when it comes to happiness.

Episode #3620 Regina Herzlinger is the first tenured professor at Harvard. Known as the godmother of consumer driven healthcare, Regina is “on fire” at 79, writing multiple books, securing patents and co-developing blood pumps with her husband George for war torn areas of the world. 

#3609 Katerina Lengold knew that she had to add value to her world. In this interview, Katerina reminds us to look at an entire story and learn how to help others. The lesson of self love embedded into the origin story of the Neuro Integration Institute will inspire. 


#3607 Eric Yaverbaum, legendary PR guru and author of PR for Dummies shared his story on Fred Rogers with particular emphasis on “how can I help?” This show will leave you asking how am I contributing to someone else’s live today and making others hopeful and happy. 

#3618 Carlos Ortiz is the Senior Pastor at Gateway in Austin. This program stopped us in our tracks as Carlos shares the story of his beloved Grandmother and her tamales. Hear the story of one of the most generous women in her community, giving all she had. 

#3603 Kellie Whitton, the very smart marketer behind the movie Barbie, pioneered Care Kits designed for cancer patients undergoing chemo. Kellie gives voice to “what can you do now and how can we help people in their current condition?” 

#3599 Aruna Ravichandran, CMO and Senior Vice President of Webex by Cisco, is a true change agent in her industry. Hear about her maniacal customer focus and elegant leadership style that is making a significant difference. Take a little bit of time to make a contribution to society in what ever way possible. 

#3588 Joe Judge shared a real life significant moment from a human relations perspective. Sometimes letting a person go may be a significant act, freeing up the person to grow and pursue their ultimate dreams. 

#3588 Christine Albert, singer and songwriter, was called to the bedside of John Swann to provide a little comfort in his final days. This was the day that Swan Songs was born, a wonderful service for those who are dying. 

#3604 He’s Gatsby Frimpong, Futurist, Stanford Grad, former Google, Cisco and Apple engineer. His new APP, Gatsby TV, solves universal problems we have with streaming platforms. Gatsby has created a genius method to rely on viewing recommendations from friends and family instead of the biased algorithms of big media companies trying to sell you something. 

#3579. Dr. Heidi Gardner talks about the art and science of smarter collaboration.  Heidi taught us that singular talent hits a target no one else can hit, but smarter collaboration and genius teamwork will hit targets no one else can see. Buy Heidi’s book and enjoy her new podcast series- Smarter Collaboration.

#3551 Draw an aardvark. That was part of the startup of Pictionary as described by Rob Angel, creator of one of the best selling board games of all time.

By the time he was 30 years old, Rob Angel had built a multimillion dollar empire out of the board game, Pictionary. Angel invented the game—a variation of charades in which clues are drawn rather than performed—and has guided it to worldwide sales of more than $14 million since 1987.

#3542 This exclusive, inside the recording studio conversation is with Hall of Fame songwriter Kent Blazy. You know him from If Tomorrow Never Comes, Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til the Sun Comes Up) , It’s Midnight Cinderella, and Somewhere Other Than the Night. Kent’s session starts with the “big bang composition” playing his original song February 9, 1964. This marks the explosive date when the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

#3501 Matieu St. Arnaud’s Montreal based team is behind some of the most imaginative expressions of storytelling in the world. Fusing creativity and technology, Normal Studios is anything but normal. Their collaboration of
artists, designers, sound engineers and projectionist combine their creative brains to produce Van Gogh …the immersive experience. 

#3566 “Shellye Archambeau has achieved amazing success through a clear strategy of setting goals, making plans, and intelligent risk-taking. In this book, she’s now sharing these strategies with us: why to set an ambitious plan and how to achieve it. Highly recommended.“―Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn 


Knowing how to collaborative is one of the most important skills to practice. Enjoy this extraordinary series, produced by Success Made to Last, where best selling authors Dr. Heidi Gardner and Ivan Matviak travel the globe and dive deep into some the smartest collaborations! Come learn with us. Visit to connect with Heidi and Ivan.

Season 1, Episode 1 We go to Nashville and meet Hall of Fame songwriting collaborators Kent Blazy and Leslie Satcher. Garth Brooks and George Strait sing their songs. Kent and Leslie emphasized the importance of collaborating with people with positive energy – to produce “magical” songs.  It’s a trust factor that has to be earned. Can you tell your collaborative partners the truth? As a business leader, how can you fuel this kind of energy among employees – to maximize the potential for effective collaboration?

Episode 2, What happens when you take a national hair care franchise and meld it with a team of musicians, producers, expert sound designers, audio engineers, and marketers with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response….that tingling sensation) expertise? You get an immersive, cutting-edge (get it??) ad that’s on point with the ASMR trend and its calming and relaxing effects. The result? Brand awareness boosted by 15%. 

Episode 3- Straight from Silicon Valley, Dr. Philippe Bouissou (former right hand to Steve Jobs) and John Orcutt bring their decades of collaboration-related insights based on leading and investing in tech companies. Showing that smarter collaboration often sparks some conflict, Dr. Gardner takes on the idea that only former CEOs deserve board seats.

Episode 4- Ivan Matviak goes to Hollywood in the midst of a collaboration between James Burstall (Argonon CEO of The Masked Singer fame) and Joe Weinstock, mid America based production leader (of Duck Dynasty fame. Two cultures collide for breakthrough ideas. 

Episode 5- Dr Heidi Gardner goes deep into academia on this special edition. University of Idaho President Scott Green speaks about his just launched book “University President’s Crisis Handbook.” You’ll be amazed how smarter collaboration helped the university address three major obstacles: financial deficits, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a heinous crime against four students.

Episode 6- Meet award winning winemaker, Dan Petroski. He has led a collaboration inside his ancient and very traditional industry that has led to new taste and challenged the thinking amongst 11,000 vineyard owners in the U.S. Through collaborations, Massican produces white wines that are timeless, vibrant, and stylistically “Mediterranean.” The collaboration started in Napa Valley, California.









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Enjoy Our Most Listened To Podcasts in the last year!

Success Made to Last Legends honors one of favorite authors of all time…Thomas Moore. With warmth, intimacy, and rare depth of wisdom, Thomas guides you through each of aging stages. Grounded in years of psychological research and spiritual reflection on the human enterprise, Thomas will help you focus on the deepest joy. Graze on the memories of the biggest milestones, like the birth of your children. It’s time for personal renewal. Pursue revitalization NOW. Visit

Dr. Ken Blanchard

Dr. Ken Blanchard, Author of The One Minute Manager and many other titles, has been our special guests on seven episodes of Success. Here’s one of YOUR favorites.


Berenstain Bears with Mike BerenstainMike Berenstain of The Berenstain Bears pays tribute to his Papa and Mama Bears Stan and Jan.


John TeshJohn Tesh plays the piano like a drum, broadcasts with vigor and keeps his faith with wife Connie Selleca. It’s all about Intelligence for Life.


Roma DowneyRoma Downey, best known for her role as Monica the angel on Touched by an Angel, shares “best version” examples especially with her collaboration with husband Mark Burnett (Survivor). Today, she uses her celebrity to work on projects of the heart.

Jack CanfieldJack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, is one of most popular shows for 2020. Jack riffs on life lessons, past experiences and shares war stories with Stewart Emery and Tim Moore. Listen for leadership tips and gain insight from a true master of his craft.


One of the final interviews with Ed Asner. He was Lou Grant, Karl Fredrickson in UP, President of the Screen Actors Guild and an activist to protect our Earth. He describes UP as “so lovely, yet sad.”

Enjoy this rare conversation with Mr. Asner as he opines on storytelling, the movie UP, and provides timely advice to colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Listen to his perspective on fathers. He talks about Lies My Father Told Me and unqualified love.

Legends welcomes David Sanger, six time Grammy winning drummer, songwriter, engineer, and record producer. Hear the inside story of his 35 year journey with Asleep at the Wheel. He has appeared on The Tonight Show, Austin City Limits, Willie Nelson’s CBS Special and a television movie starring Dollie Parton. Today, he is focused on being a Dad, husband, with ultimate focus on his family. Enjoy listening to David’s new life of significance…learning how to cook, speak Italian, and playing piano. It’s an inspiring story of a renaissance man.




Legends Honors Ray Lane of HP and Oracle fame Legends honors Ray Lane, former Chairman of HP, Oracle and Carnegie Mellon University, his Dad’s alma mater.

Raymond J. Lane (born December 26, 1946) is an American business executive and strategist specializing in technology and finance. Lane is best known for assisting corporations with technology strategy, organizational developmentteam building, and sales and growth management.Lane led a “go to market” overhaul of Oracle Corporation, which led to an increase in sales and stock price in the 1990s. He is cited as being the catalyst for “Oracle’s success, ‘past, present and future.’”Lane is a partner emeritus at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

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What if you stop chasing success and focus on significance? It’s moving from just living to giving. 

Mr. Clayton Cameron is gifted. This legendary percussionist is Mr. Brushman. Author of The Living Art of Brushes, he has earned the honorary title of “Brush Master.”

Hear the influence of tap dancing on his brush technique. Listen to the stories of his performances behind the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Hines.

Now in his 17th year at UCLA, Clayton lectures and teaches his craft. Learn about his influences and enjoy the rich story of his introduction to Max Roach.

This conversation is about motion and emotion. Clayton is a perpetual man of jazz. We call him Brush Tail, honoring his 17 original rudiments and sheer talent.

Enjoy this Success Made to Last Legends classic with Cynthia Round. She was called to work with non profits from her executive roles with P&G and the advertising industry.

Listen to Cynthia’s model of authenticity, intentional culture building. Culture does eat strategy for breakfast

Hear Cynthia’s perspective on aging and continuing your career. When it comes to her career, she thinks with her heart. Moving to the non-profit sector is non traditional, but it was what Cynthia wanted.

There are key questions to answer in life.

  1. Am I learning and growing?

  2. Am I having any fun?

  3. How can you blend your avocation with your vocation?

One of our true heroes in journalism, Bob Philipps, graces our studio for our 3300th show. Bob celebrates his 50th year on television as Texas Country Reporter. He recalls some of the golden moments with special memories of his best guests and funniest moments. And Bob reminisces about Waxahachie with our mutual friend, Larry Telford, Austin music producer.
Enjoy Bob as we put him through the paces of a Texas Reporter “Lightning Round.”


NASA Astronaut and Missionary Physician David Hilmers returns to Success to talk about travel, mission trips to help others and stories from his life as an astronaut. David has been on four NASA missions including the Atlantis. Originally from Iowa, he never flew on a commercial airplane until he was twenty leaving for the Marines boot camp. Graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, he flew on the first flight after the Challenger tragedy. After NASA, he was called to the mission field. and to go to medical school…at 42 years old. Now board certified in Family and Pediatrics. Today, he works around the world helping the “least of them.” Today, we honor David for the choices he makes in life, moving from success to significance.

After 128 programs in 2023, our podcast of the year goes to Sofie Roux. Sofie is 19 years old and is wise for her age.

Sofie has a “condition of the heart” that started with helping students in Malawi. How can a person use the tools they have to help others, especially those without electricity and basic needs?

Sofie poses the question- how can we create and innovate to help the future world, especially for young women? Perhaps being significant starts with a design mentality.

Learn more about Bloombox Designs. at






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David Murray heads the global Professional Speechwriters Association and comments daily on communication issues in his popular blog “Writing Boots.” He authored the most recent book Effort to Understand, but is also the author of Raised by Mad Men, a memoir about his advertising parents. Enjoy this conversation that features a fun riff on Studs Terkel, who wrote “Working.” We also talk about “imaginative listening” where deep, constant, careful, repeated listening is required. Listen to hear words and the emotional source.









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