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Significance for November 2022

As we speed into the final two months of 2022, we are continuing our tradition of starting the new year on December 1st. It gives us a 30 day head start on resolutions, which ALWAYS includes losing 10 pounds. Consider the damage of the holiday season to your diet.

Part of my new year, new start will be consideration of boundaries. To prepare, I am reading The Book of Boundaries by Melissa Urban.

By definition, boundaries are considered clear limits you establish around the ways you allow people to engage with you. In my case, it’s typically around food, exercise and overall health.  You might want to note that boundaries ARE NOT used to tell people what they can and cannot do.

Remember…boundaries are established to help you plan and communicate your response.

As you head into your new year (December 1st), here are seven signs that you might need a boundary:

  1. You feel dread or anxiety around a conversation topic.

  2. You consistently avoid certain people.

  3. You feel that a relationship is one sided.

  4. You have a tendency to agree to everything just so things go smoothly.

  5. You feel drained in this presence of certain people, and express this pain, especially after they leave.

  6. You feel negative or anxious after spending time with certain people.

  7. You have often considered “taking a break” from these people.

If you consider boundaries, remember this clear and kind language to those affected- a boundary doesn’t tell some one else what to do, it tells them what YOU will do.

Lastly, people don’t need to understand or agree with your new boundary, but simply respect it.

Favorite Podcast of the Week: Marc Morgenstern is a colorful character. He wrote The Soul of the Deal…a must read that’s funny, informative, and slanted to music…that is… the music of the Grateful Dead. We’ve never had a guest quite like Marc who makes us think, laugh, take copious notes and inspire. His maxims take me back, just like the Grateful Dead’s Truckin. Enjoy Marc Morgenstern, a virtuoso. https://www.spreaker.com/user/4383588/morgenstern-the-soul-of-the-deal

Quotes I’m Pondering: On boundaries…”Stop asking why they keep doing it and start asking why you keep allowing it.” Anonymous

“Walls keep everybody out. Boundaries teach people where the door is.” Anonymous

Here’s to a healthy November and month of gratitude. 30 days to New Year.


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