Gracefully-Yours greeting cards presents TV Celebrity carpenter Kate Campbell is defying stereotypes – framing her image as one of the stars of the HGTV home improvement shows Decked Out, Disaster Decks and before that as part of the crew for Holmes on Homes. She’s found her calling and encourages other women to make their way into a field overwhelmingly dominated by men. Kate, who runs her own company specializing in renovations and custom carpentry, recently tackled her own home renovation, and is showing other homeowners how they, too, can create their own ideal outdoor living space, regardless of skill level. Whether it’s resurfacing an old deck with new boards, accessorizing an existing space with new furnishings, or even starting from scratch with online tools and resources, Kate empowers homeowners to tackle a DIY dream deck with confidence.   According to industry research, the popularity of outdoor living is expected to hit its peak in 2018, with homeowners across North America going all-in for the outdoors. Among the biggest trends is a shift away from seasonality as homeowners adopt more of a year-round mindset regarding their outdoor spaces. That’s why Kate says it’s so important to plan your outdoor space thoughtfully so that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of it year-round – regardless of weather.   Other trends for 2018 include: New trend known as “hygge”(pronounced hoo-gah): a Scandinavian design trend which beckons homeowners to infuse their home with comfort and coziness – indoors and out“Hide & Chic”: storage and cabinetry that blends right into the space for a seamless lookMinimal maintenance, maximum enjoyment: using high-performance materials to cut down on upkeep

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