What is the purpose of life? How can we be truly happy? What steps should we take to reach our highest potential and find meaning. Now in “The Starting Point of Happiness: An Inspiring Guide to Positive Living With Faith, Love, and Courage renowned Japanese spiritual leader, Ryuho Okawa, gives simple, straightforward yet profound answers to these types of fundamental questions as they relate to the pleasure and benefit of travel.Calling our attention to the beginning of our lives — how we start with nothing and receive a great deal of love and care from others — Okawa suggests that we practice compassion and unselfish love. With this approach, we can create our own happiness and become a light that, in turn, illuminates the world. The spiritual perspective described in the book serves as a guide to a new life filled with real love and greater joy. “This book is the ‘Columbus’s Egg’ that I offer for your life. It introduces ways for people to change, from the perspective of happiness,” writes Okawa. “It covers a wide range of of topics, but my basic message is that happiness is not something you can get or take from others; it is something that will naturally come to you when make the determination to give happiness to many others. This message is explained under different themes, such as “giving love,” “changing your perspective” and “exploration of the Right Mind.” The two directions of love — true love and false love; How we can overcome an inferiority complex through love; How we are connected to the source of the infinite wisdom and the great light of hope; New ways of thinking to achieve personal fulfillment; The truth about human life from the perspective of the great universe;

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