WE HEAR A LOT ABOUT EXOTIC TRAVEL LOCATIONS, BUT THE FACT IS – MOST PEOPLE LIMIT THEIR TRAVEL TO WITHIN A ONE-DAY DRIVE AWAY FROM HOME.   HERE TO PROVIDE SOME STAYCATION INSPIRATION FOR LOCAL TRIPS IS STEPHANIE OSWALD, (pronounced oz-wall-d) THE CO-FOUNDER OF TRAVEL-GIRL MAGAZINE, AND THE FORMER TRAVEL CORRESPONDENT FOR C-N-N.   WELCOME, TRAVEL GIRL STEPHANIE.     HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO RESEARCH AND PLAN FOR A FUN VACATION?   ANY TIPS FOR COMING UP WITH AN AFFORDABLE VACATION?   AS A MOM, ANY TIPS FOR KEEPING THE KIDS BUSY DURING THE DRIVE?   WHAT ARE SOME TIPS FOR GUARANTEEING A RELAXING VACATION?   WHAT ARE SOME THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD REMEMBER TO TAKE WITH THEM ON A VACATION?    WHAT ABOUT THINGS TO DO ON A LOCAL VACATION, OR STAYCATION, IF YOU WILL?   WHERE CAN WE GO FOR MORE INFORMATION?    Stephanie Oswald: Editor “travelgirl is more than a magazine – it’s a feeling. Our readers will have the information they need for successful, practical and pleasurable journeys in today’s ever-changing world. We’ll make escape simple, whether it’s a spa treatment at home – or a three week exotic adventure.” In print, on the Web or on-air, Stephanie Oswald knows how to tell a travel story. As the Editor-in-Chief of travelgirl magazine and a Web Correspondent for The Weather Channel, she reports on everything from stress-relieving spa treatments and unique escapes around the world to the human side of a hurricane.

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