Life Lessons with Tim Love….rethinking gun control. Tim is a veteran Advertising and Marketing expert who has participated in some of the most successful public issue advertising campaigns to consider how he would mentor young students who are actively seeking change in America’s policies. Tim suggest that young students follow some basic tenets for creating change: a. Just when you think you have it under     control, it will get more complex. b. Symbols are primary communications tool     when it comes to public issues. c.  If you have brand equity, use it. d. Addressing issues requires “systems     approach”— no “silver bullet.” 10 basic communication tips were provided: 1. Acknowledge the problem/issue. 2. Control the dialog (focus on the most commonly agreed issue). 3. Present the best case of your product (in context of the issue). 4. Give the consumer hope (let them know you are working to bring real, tangible solutions on the issue). 5. Involve the consumer in the problem and the solution..  “consumer is boss.” 6. Speak to them through your brand.  7.      Take high road – keep the focus on the positive.8.      Ensure the medium is right for the message and right          for the target(s).  9.      Be locally relevant.  Address the issue – the problem, the          message, in involvement and the solution – on a local level. 10.   Take leadership position on seeking solutions in all Research          & Development–Industry, Government, Stakeholders/Media.    

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