The advancements of high tech equate to the decline of the human mind, the ability to think, and the destruction of an entire generation’s ability to focus. The mere presence of a smartphone, whether on or off, impairs a human being’s ability to think, act, and communicate. The results of numerous studies can be summarized to show that even when not using our phones, our thoughts are affected. The more dependent we are on the technology, the more our intellect weakens.  If technology is allowed to master the human race, rather than the decision to educate the human race so it can master technology, our future not only as Americans, but as high- functioning beings, will be at risk. How has technology changed education and what do see happening to our education system?   Should coding take the place of the required foreign language in public school curriculums? Can you talk about some of the positive effects of technology in K-12 education? Children today, text, use voice-to-text translations for note taking and send email when correspondence is necessary.  Should learning to print, take notes, or write a letter be required curriculum or is cursive and conversation a lost art? It is unwise to view any social media network as a “safe place” without first talking to your child about the risks of using them safely. Gaming has come a long way since Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong, you can now connect online, create virtual worlds, work together or compete in battles.  Do you have a website with links where can connect with you, follow you on twitter and get a copy of your book. For over two decades, Hilarie Gamm has worked at virtually all levels of the tech industry.

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