New research is showing that a specific probiotic bacteria is key to restoring a baby’s gut to its protective, natural state and providing a foundation for life-long optimal health.   IF YOU’RE THE PARENT OF A NEWBORN…YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW WHAT NINE OUT OF 10 BABIES ARE MISSING.   IT TURNS OUT, THEY’RE MISSING IMPORTANT “GOOD” BACTERIA THAT HELPS PROTECT BABIES, SETTING THEM UP FOR A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.   NOW A NEW STUDY SHOWS HOW TO FILL THAT VITAL GAP.  JOINING US TO HELP EXPLAIN THE STUDY’S RESULTS IS DR. MARK UNDERWOOD, CHIEF  NEONATOLOGIST AT U-C DAVIS. WHAT IS THE “GOOD” BACTERIA THAT NINE OUT OF TEN BABIES ARE MISSING AND WHY?WHAT HAS CAUSED THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THIS BACTERIA IN BABIES?WHAT CAN PARENTS DO ABOUT IT?OVERALL WHAT SHOULD PARENTS BE AWARE OF WHEN IT COMES TO ENCOURAGING THE HEALTH OF THEIR BABIES?WHERE CAN PARENTS LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RESULTS OF THE STUDY TO KEEP THEIR BABIES HEALTHY? Dr. Mark Underwood, Chief Pediatric Neonatologist at UC Davis will be available to discuss the study results and explain how the activated form of this beneficial bacteria can be helpful for babies.  Our guest can also talk about other ways to encourage the health of infants.  

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