The inspiring true story of Joyce Smith and her adopted, Guatemalan son, John. After falling through the ice at a local lake and being pronounced dead for 60 minutes at age 14, John became one of the only cases in the world to ever undergo a medical miracle and come back to life 100{5e0bea7df62a42e70f4e6662baa016b718b42e41c3f575af4c98dbb1e2d44a4e}. The Impossible book is a story about how faith and love saved John’s life twice- first at adoption and then through his miraculous resurrection. The book is also set to become a film from 20th Century Fox by Executive Producer, DeVon Franklin(Heaven is for Real, Miracles from Heaven.) From the doctors:  “We have spent the last two years searching around the world to see if there is another case like John’s and we have found one that has some of the same characteristics,” said  Dr. Jeremy Garrett, Cardinal Glennon PICU Doctor Area expert on drowning and Hypothermia. Adding, “John is the only person we can find who has survived and come back 100 percent in the world that we know of.”         

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