IAN SOMERHALDER IS AN ACTOR, ENVIRONMENTALIST AND HUMANITARIAN WHO IS BEST KNOWN FOR HIS STARRING ROLE ON CW’S HIT TV SERIES THE VAMPIRE DIARIES AND CAN NEXT BE SEEN IN NETFLIX’S “V-WARS.” IAN IS NOW HELPING WITH A NEW CAMPAIGN TO FIND INNOVATIVE WAYS TO CUT DOWN ON ENERGY USE IN CALIFORNIA. IAN SOMERHALDER JOINS US NOW TO EXPLAIN HOW EVERYONE CAN FIGHT ENERGY VAMPIRES AT HOME…  AND TO SHARE OTHER IDEAS TO SLASH OUR ENERGY USAGE.   YOU’RE VERY INVOLVED IN ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT TO YOU?TELL US WHY IT’S IMPORTANT TO CUT ENERGY USE?WHAT IS THE ENERGY SAVING CAMPAIGN DOING TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO CUT THEIR POWER USE?WHAT CAN CALIFORNIANS DO TO HELP?HOW CAN PEOPLE JOIN THE MOVEMENT?   IAN SOMERHALDER’S BIO: Ian Somerhalder is an actor, environmentalist and humanitarian who is best known for his starring role as Damon Salvatore on CW’s hit television series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, which ended last year after 8 seasons. In addition to acting in the show, Somerhalder also took on the role as director in both season 7 and 8.   Currently Somerhalder and his wife actress, Nikki Reed have a pod deal with Warner Bros TV to produce new content for the network under their production company RARE BIRDS PRODUCTIONS. Somerhalder also appeared in an episode of the ground-breaking and Emmy award-winning climate change documentary series, YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY.

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