In celebration of National Women’s Health Week Dr. Robi Ludwig is empowering women to take control of their health, regain confidence, and get back to enjoying the things they love like attending social events and spending time with family and friends.Being comfortable throughout the day is important for our happiness and well-being, but for the 65 million Americans living with bladder leakage, a state of comfort can be harder to achieve. A new study from Depend®, shows comfort and confidence are essential to living a happy life, with nearly one in four Americans living with bladder leakage withdrawing from the people and things they love due to discomfort and anxiety. For some, that could mean opting out of a family vacation or tabling the dream of running a marathon. She’ll stress that incorporating small changes can make a big difference and that we do not have to aggressively overhaul our entire lifestyle to make an impact. What are some easy ways we can tweak our current lifestyle to help take control of our health?What are a few small changes we can incorporate into our daily routines to help us regain confidence as we experience midlife and the effects of aging?How can others start living their best life now?What tips do you have for American’s living with incontinence to overcome any challenges and grow emotionally?Where can our viewers/listeners go for more information?   About Dr. Robi Ludwig: Dr. Robi Ludwig is a nationally known psychotherapist and award-winning reporter. Her most recent book “Your Best Age is Now” is published with Harper One and made its debut in April 2016. She is a regular contributor to the Today Show as well as CNN, Headline News, The Fox News Channel and TruTv where she talks about psychological and lifestyle issues.  

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