Sometimes a story can be used as an escape from the troubles of the world, but other times a story acts as a beam of light, illuminating situations we are not as aware of otherwise. With Becoming the Talbot Sisters (HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson; May 1, 2018; $15.99), author Rachel Linden hopes to shed light on issues important to women around the world and encourage them to live what she describes as “every day brave.” “Every day brave is a simple concept but it’s not easy,” Linden explains. “It means standing with courage against life’s fear and challenges, no matter the circumstances. As women we can face tremendous challenges in our lives – in our careers, our family and romantic relationships, our roles as wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, in so many areas of life! Being every day brave takes guts, grit and a steadfast hope and determination!” Becoming the Talbot Sisters tells the story of estranged twin sisters living very different lives on opposite sides of the world who begin to rebuild their relationship and learn to support one another as they face challenges ranging from miscarriages to sexual assault to career woes.  Readers are introduced to Waverly Talbot, a celebrity chef with her own successful home-entertaining television show. She seems to have the perfect life, yet she and her husband have never been able to realize the true desire of Waverly’s heart: to become a mother. One miscarriage after another has strained their relationship, and Waverly is at the point of despair, believing that she may never have a family of her own. Rachel also discusses a badass mentor in her life. You will be surprised at her answer.

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