Life Lessons welcomes director Andy Erwin from I CAN ONLY IMAGINE ·        Share with us what I Can Only Imagine is about. Why was this story something you felt had to be told? We’ve heard this film has been greatly impacting audiences in early screenings-why do you think that is. The film stars Dennis Quaid, Cloris Leachman, Trace Adkins, Priscilla Shirer, Madeline Carroll and Broadway’s J. Michael Finley. What was it like working with this cast? Why should our readers/listeners go see I Can Only Imagine? What do you think audiences will take away from this film?  Where can readers/listeners go to find out more information and to purchase tickets? ABOUT I CAN ONLY IMAGINE: It’s the song that brings ultimate hope to so many … often in the midst of life’s most challenging moments. Amazingly, the song was written in mere minutes by MercyMe lead singer Bart Millard. In reality, those lyrics took a lifetime to craft. Although he found faith at a young age, life wasn’t easy for Bart. He leaned into an active imagination and his love of music as escapes from a troubled home life. Directed by the Erwin Brothers (October Baby, Moms’ Night Out, and Woodlawn), I CAN ONLY IMAGINE stars J. Michael Finley, Madeline Carroll, Trace Adkins, Priscilla Shirer, with Cloris Leachman and Dennis Quaid. JON and ANDY ERWIN are a directing team that focuses on creating faith-based and inspirational feature films. The duo began their career as teenagers, working as camera operators for ESPN in their hometown of Birmingham, AL. They soon embarked on full time careers as sports cameramen covering University of Alabama games all over the country. 

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