CHOOSE WONDER OVER WORRY is your invitation to take a journey within and to dialogue with the self saboteur that is worry, so you can access your inner wisdom and unleash your potential. Though raw yet relatable personal essays, aha moments and journaling prompts, Amber guides you to uncover the ways your unexplored emotions Wonder is what we’re born with; Worry is what we learn. ? Worry is the voice of our inner critic. It’s made up of the stories we inherited from family, society, and culture. ? Wonder is the voice of our truest truth. It urges us to listen to who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we most desire. There are two kinds of worry – useful worry and toxic worry – and not all worry is bad. ? Worry is useful when you’re standing at the edge of a mountain or someone on Tinder is urging you to come over RIGHT AWAY. Worry says, “Danger, watch out, stay safe!” ? Worry is toxic when the ruminating thoughts (Am I good enough? What will they think of me?) become the story you tell yourself. Our feelings aren’t the problem; it’s our relationship to them. ? When we name our worry and talk to it, we create a distance between ourselves and the voice inside our head. This distance allows us to see the stories we tell ourselves objectively, and choose what we want to buy into. AMBER RAE is an author, artist, and speaker devoted to inspiring people to express the fullness of their gifts. Her writing has reached over 5 million people in 195 countries, her public art has spread to over 20 countries, and she’s spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and Unilever.

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