The little pup in this fun filled true story, My Fur-ever Family by Lisa Overcashteaches children about scripture, prayer, Godly character traits, healthy daily practices like brushing your teeth along with the joy of snuggling and reading books together. As the story unfolds it teaches compassion, love, tenderness, helping others, being responsible, active faith practices, curiosity and perseverance.   A litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies are ready to be adopted. The puppies are concerned about leaving their siblings and Big Daddy. One puppy shares her experiences in being chosen to go home with a new family. She gives a descriptive account of her adventures with her new family and what she observes around her. She learns that she has a new Mommy, Daddy and four human sisters. She longs to be loved and to be given a special name.  Part of the proceeds are donated to two animal charities: Best Friends Animal Society and Wings of Rescue.   Lisa Overcash is featured on today’s Life Lessons’ show with guest host Sue Lundgren. What is an Emotional Support Dog/Animal and proper guidelines Tell us about Therapy Dog and certification and their differences Lisa Overcash is a Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor and Thai Yoga Practitioner.   She knows what it feels like to be knocked off your game and to try to climb back on top.  She says, “I have multiple sclerosis (14 years), but it does not have me. I choose each day to rise above the obstacles that this brings. Though life can be pretty tough at times, I choose to rise above the challenges!   Overcash also serves in her community in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools and churches as a Therapy Dog visitation team with her Yorkshire Terrier, Promise. Overcashe says, “She is also my Emotional Support Dog,  

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