Life Lessons with author Christine Forner. Dissociation, Mindfulness, and Creative Meditations explores the potential of mindfulness and explains why this level of developmental human achievement is so precarious within traumatic stress, especially traumatic dissociation. Chapters discuss the connection and disconnection between mindfulness and dissociative disorders and highlight the importance of gently creating a mindfulness practice for traumatized individuals. Christine C. Forner, MSW, RSW, has more than 17 years of clinical experience working with individuals with trauma, PTSD, traumatic dissociation, and developmental trauma. Christine works in private practice at Associated Counselling in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 1.    Would you say the book is generally for practitioners and or patients who have faced pain, suffering, unnecessary tragedy? 2. Talk about the extent of dissociation in our culture. Is it normally at home with kids, at work, in marriages, etc. Is it only driven by trauma or are people born with it? 3. Does the therapy business recognize the connections between dissociation and leading a mindful life? 4. Talk about separating the events of life — from who we are as people and what we truly deserve as a person?   5. Different sensations: meditation, dissociation, mindfulness and ordinary consciousness. Explain each. 6. Describe the state of Mindfulness to us. Why is it both hard and easy to achieve? Why is it difficult to understand?  

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