COMING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS SHOULD BE A TIME OF JOY FOR RETURNING MILITARY VETERANS. BUT MANY VETS SUFFER FROM PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS AT A MUCH GREATER RATE THAN THE GENERAL POPULATION. HERE TO EXPLAIN WHAT’S BEING DONE TO ASSIST OUR VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES, ARE KAREN CIERZAN, (Sears-an)  FROM CIGNA AND ALLISON JASLOW, (Jazz-low)  EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE I-A-V-A –  IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN VETERANS OF AMERICA.   SUGGESTED QUESTIONS:   ALLISON – WHY DO SO MANY VETERANS HAVE PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL ISSUES WHEN THEY RETURN FROM THEIR TOUR OF DUTY?    ALLISON – HOW PREVALENT ARE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH PROBLEMS AMONG OUR VETERANS?   KAREN – WHAT IS BEING DONE TO HELP THESE VETS AND WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT?   KAREN – WHAT TYPES OF ASSISTANCE DOES THIS VETERANS SUPPORT LINE OFFER AND WHO IS ELIGIBLE?   KAREN – HOW CAN VETERANS TAKE PART IN THE SUPPORT LINE?   Allison Jaslow is Executive Director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). In this role, Allison focuses on policy, external communications, IAVA’s Washington DC operations and is our primary spokesperson for IAVA’s groundbreaking #SheWhoBorneTheBattle campaign and other policy initiatives.   Karen leads our behavioral health clinical operations.  The behavioral health team serves over 24 million customers enrolled in a variety of benefit plans, including Employee Assistance Programs, which support customers, managers and clients directly

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