Gracefully-Yours & 4WordWomen presents Mentoring Monday with Brit Olvera.  hosted by Rick Tocquigny. Ms. Olvera is an Austin Texas native and local entrepreneur, having started and currently running several Texas business, operations in Austin & Dallas with satellite offices in North Carolina as of 2018.   The most advanced firms being Building Team Solutions Inc ( Austin); Building Team Solutions of Dallas ( Dallas) and B.I. T Construction Services Inc. founded in 2006.  Ms Olvera’s entrepreneurial interest and zeal for starting and growing small businesses have yielded: 11 Full time office staff ( 2 FT Contract staff) and numerous vendor relations for  Central Texas and up to 100 TEMP TO PERM employees working in the field for our clients per week. Ms. Olvera is passionate about small business & successful entrepreneurialism but she is more excited to run her day to day operations with Christian principles, which to her mean that her business is more than just producing great ROI and NET revenue but it’s about taking your talents and gifts and using them for a higher calling: her business is her way of creating as she states “ socially positive and responsible impact on the communities we live and work in, being Servant Leaders is at the heart of everything I do” .  As a matter of fact, it is her love of business and social stewardship that lead her to start volunteering in prisons in 2008. Visit to join a local chapter and be paired up as a mentor or protege. Visit to purchase your favorite inspirational greeting cards and journals.

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