John DeCosmo, CEO of Ulta-Lit Tree Company, the maker of the LightKeeper Pro, will offer expert advice for navigating frustrating decorating pitfalls. In addition to explaining the benefits of the LightKeeper Pro, a tool that fixes the bad bulb on a string of lights and illuminates the rest of the working bulbs, he’ll offer an array of pro tips for keeping your home merry and bright during the holidays.   John’s tips will help answer questions like:   How do I accurately measure light strands for my space?What’s the difference between LED and incandescent bulbs?Do I need different lights for outdoor lighting v. indoor?What’s the most effective way to inspect strands before I hang them?How do I string my lights like a pro?What’s the best way to replace and repair lighting once I’ve strung them?    Visit to learn how your national brand can rank at the top of the Google organic search list.  

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