CEO in 10 with Ira Pastor hosted by Rick Tocquigny.   an article from the recent edition of Worth Magazine (25 Strategies for Living Longer) discussing Bioquark Inc. ( – #16 – “Pay Attention to Developments in Tissue Regeneration” –   – a link to a recent podcast from The Longevity and Biohacking Show –   – an article from U.S. News & World Report referencing our work in synthetic biology, diabetes, and induced pancreatic regeneration and repair:   – some information on our on-going anti-aging / longevity research with our partners in Russia and the Eurasian region:   Lastly, here is a new write-up that you may find of interest:   “Harnessing Nature for Regeneration, Disease Reversion, and Rejuvenation” – Health Triangle Magazine  

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