Tick season is here and Lyme disease, traditionally spread by ticks in the summer months in the North East, is now a risk across all 50 states and Washington DC. New data taken over seven years through 2017 looks beyond older CDC reports and gives never before seen insight into a dramatic rise of confirmed cases of Lyme disease across the US. THIS TIME OF YEAR HIKING, CAMPING AND GARDENING ARE SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR RECREATIONAL PASTIMES. BUT THEY CAN ALSO POSE A THREAT TO YOUR HEALTH. NEW FINDINGS SHOW NOT ONLY A SPIKE IN THE PREVALENCE OF LYME DISEASE BETWEEN 2016 AND 2017, BUT ALSO A RISE IN LYME DISEASE IN AREAS NOT TYPICALLY ASSOCIATED WITH THE TICK-BORNE DISEASE. JOINING US NOW TO HELP UNDERSTAND WHO IS AT RISK AS WELL AS PREVENTION AND PROTECTION SURROUNDING THIS PROBLEM IS DR. HARVEY KAUFMAN, SENIOR MEDICAL DIRECTOR FOR QUEST DIAGNOSTICS AND HEAD OF THE COMPANY’S HEALTH TRENDS RESEARCH PROGRAM. DR. KAUFMAN, TELL US ABOUT LYME DISEASE AND HOW IT’S SPREAD. WHAT IS THE RESEARCH TELLING US ABOUT LYME DISEASE? WHAT ABOUT LYME DISEASE IN COLORADO? WHERE DID THE INFORMATION COME FROM TO GENERATE THIS HEALTH TRENDS REPORT? WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE DO IF THEY FIND A TICK ON THEMSELVES? WHAT ARE SOME PREVENTION TIPS YOU SUGGEST? WHERE CAN PEOPLE GO TO LEARN MORE ABOUT QUEST’S LYNE DISEASE HEALTH TREND REPORT?   join Dr. Harvey Kaufman, MD, MBA, FCAP, Senior Medical Director from Quest Diagnostics who will outline the growing problem of Lyme disease with state specific data from the Company’s Health Trends Report and offer several prevention tips to help you enjoy the summer and stay protected against the potentially dangerous insects.

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