Life’s Last Gift…Giving and Receiving Peace When A Loved One Is Dying After four decades of training volunteers to offer comfort at the bedsides of the dying, psychologist and Shanti Project founder, Charles Garfield, has created an essential guide for friends, family, and healthcare professionals who want to ease someone’s final days but don’t know how to begin. Garfield presents practical advice about finding connection, honesty, and peace while being of the greatest service to hose at the end of life.  By focusing on the reciprocal and healing relationship between the living and the dying, which continues until the last breath, he offers a path toward clarity and wholeness, and even growth.  Life’s Last Gift is an emotional lifeline for anyone who feels lost and filled with grief during this final stage of life.    The Nine Commitments: Commitment 1: I Will Listen from the Heart Commitment 2: I Will Speak from the Heart Commitment 3: I Will Act from the Heart Commitment 4: I Will Treat You with Empathy Commitment 5: I Will Value Small Acts of Kindness Commitment 6: I Will Listen to Your Stories Commitment 7: I Will Use My Pain to Connect with You Commitment 8: I Will Allow Love to Sustain and Heal Us Both Commitment 9: I Will Accompany You as Far as We Can Go Together ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Charles Garfield, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and founder of Shanti Project, a widely acclaimed AIDS and cancer service organization. 

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