PROOF OF GOD: Questions & Answers with Bernard Haisch, PhD: Q) What is your proof of God? I have four components of a proof of God: (1) The light of the Big Bang itself is at the top of the list. When Einstein formulated his general theory of relativity astronomers thought the universe was infinitely large and static. The expanding universe was a shock. So for all its problems the biblical creation scenario was more correct in this regard than that of the astronomers. The existence of the Big Bang as the origin of an expanding universe. Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding by measuring the red-shifts of galaxies.  Assuming that the expansion is constant, it is easy to extrapolate this back in time to the moment the Big Bang occurred.  This implies that at time T=0 the entire universe with all of its energy and matter, was no bigger than a point.  What is that point?  What made the Big Bang occur in the first place?  Some scientists claim a quantum fluctuation of some sort occurred for no reason at all.  They are claiming something came from nothing.  But I propose that the first cause could just as easily be God. (2)  Secondly there is the amazing fine-tuning of the laws of nature that most all astronomers believe needs to be explained.  I have a list of these fine-tunings  in my book, “The Purpose-Guided Universe.”  There are at least ten laws of nature that seem to have values tailor-made for life.  Some are: –      The just right conditions for formation of carbon and oxygen. –      The ratio of gravitational to the electric force (Coulomb).  An electron and proton attract each other electrically and gravitationally.  (3)  How do you make a universe? 

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