9:20 START….Beautiful. Comfortable. Functional. What better words could be used to describe your home when summer guests roll in for a dinner party, graduation celebration or overnight stay? But if your humble abode is feeling a little too humble, Home Design Expert Tracy Metro has just the tips to help you spruce up your home for summer.    A great entertaining space doesn’t take a ton of square footage and millions of dollars- with the right tips, tools and improvements you’ll be ready to take on summer parties and impromptu get-togethers with confidence! What are the challenges we face when summer entertaining season rolls around?Taking parties to your patios, how can we make our outdoors more festive and fun?Where do we start in making our home company-ready?How can we make our home more efficient and functional?What are some great updates for our homes we might not have thought about?Where can we go for more information?   Tracy Metro is an accomplished designer, organizer, carpenter and crafter. She has appeared on TLC’s Designing Spaces and the SheKnows.com webisode series, HomeEmergency. She’s also known as Handy Jane on the women’s home improvement community, BeJane.com. She’s appeared on Home Made Simple, OWN, Hallmark’s Home & Family, Extreme Small Spaces and NBC’s Today Show.  

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