MORE THAN 65 MILLION AMERICANS WHO ARE CAREGIVERS ARE GIVEN SPECIAL RECOGNITION IN NOVEMBER DURING NATIONAL FAMILY CAREGIVERS MONTH. THEY FACE MANY CHALLENGES INCLUDING TRACKING DOCTORS’ APPOINTMENTS, STAYING ON TOP OF MEDICATIONS, AND KEEPING UP WITH DAILY LIFE. A CAREGIVER CAN ALSO PROVIDE VALUABLE PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. JOINING US IS ABBY, WHO WILL DISCUSS HOW HER HUSBAND HAS HELPED HER MANAGE LIVING WITH RELAPSING MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. ALSO WITH US IS DR. Mary Bailey MD, Mandell Center for Multiple Sclerosis, Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital   •          DOCTOR: Tell us about the challenges millions of Americans face as caregivers?   •          ABBY: What’s been your experience having your husband as a caregiver?   •          ABBY: Abby, when did you get diagnosed with relapsing MS and what was your reaction to the diagnosis?   •          DOCTOR: What is relapsing MS? And what’s your recommendation to managing the condition?   •          ABBY: What is your advice for patients managing MS?  

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