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Success to Significance 11.8

This is the week that we observe Veteran’s Day. We believe that 11/11 should be celebrated everyday, considering our WWII Veterans are gently leaving this earth. Today, there are 240,000 remaining of the 16 million who fought in the “big one.” Top that off with one million Korean War Vets, 610,000 from Vietnam, and, of course, numerous soldiers from our most recent wars.

Having lost my brother in law, Chief Warrant Officer Otis R. Key, to cancer, I now believe that every soldier that set foot in Vietnam was poisoned by the toxic defoliant Agent Orange. Little did our military leaders realize the magnitude of their decision.

And history repeats itself as the 20 year Afghanistan war has exposed our soldiers to cancerous toxins from burning fires.

Ten Factoids about Our Veterans and a Hint About How You Can Help

  1. Veterans are people who served in the military (US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard) in times of war or peace.

  2. As of the last few years, there were 12,987 living veterans who served all through World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

  3. In the United States, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 every year, the same day that World War I hostilities formally ended (at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month). The holiday was originally known as Armistice Day before President Dwight D. Eisenhower officially renamed it Veterans Day in 1954.

  4. Veterans Day, which pays tribute to all veterans, living or dead, differs from Memorial Day, during which we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in combat.[4]

  5. In 2017, there were about 1.9 million female veterans in the US.

  6. In 2017, the largest living cohort of male veterans served during the Vietnam War era, while the largest living cohort of female veterans served during the post-9/11 period.

  7. As of 2019, the states with the highest veteran populations are California (1.56 million), Texas (1.46 million), and Florida (1.44 million).

  8. As of 2019, 11.7 million veterans are over the age of 65, which is about 61% of all veterans.

  9. Veterans make up roughly 11% of adults experiencing homelessness.

  10. 70% of veterans experiencing homelessness also experience substance abuse, and 50% live with mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

For us, we choose to honor all veterans…everyday….for their sacrifice and service to our country. Why not take a minute and drop into your local V.F.W. or American Legion and just say thanks to your veterans. Let’s step up the gratitude for those who made a significant stand for our freedom.

Quote of the Week: from Life Lessons from Veterans book, “If you want to be the next greatest generation, put God first, family next and then do whatever you want to do. The sky’s the limit. When you are needed, be there. And consider that failure is not always failure. Sometimes it’s simply a change in direction. Count your blessings and move on. Deanie Bishop Parrish and Ruth Dailey Helm, both WASP.

Favorite Podcast Honoring Veterans: Enjoy this broadcast that originated from the Life Lessons from Veterans book. Hear the story of Major Mary Clark Huey helicopter instructor pilot from the 58th Ops and how Afghan women were trained for “life.” As Mary said “at the end of the battle, leave a country and their next generation enlightened.” http://tobtr.com/12024381

Let’s Go the Extra Yard for Vets:

Beyond everything they do to keep us safe, military service members make the additional sacrifice of spending long periods of time away from family and friends. Through DoSomething’s Huddle for Heroes campaign, powered by the NFL Huddle for 100, make a card or letter of appreciation for military service members, veterans, and their families.

Have a significant week and tell a Veteran thank you!   Rick

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