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Wisdom Gained March 7th, 2021 A Week of Why Not’s

This past week, we enjoyed a variety of media meetings in Burbank and Los Angeles. As the city is reopening, we noticed a fresh, new perspective amongst restaurant owners and members of the travel/hospitality industry. “Nice to have you back” seems to be the APC- Almost Post Covid anthem.

We visited our favorite place for breakfast Little Dom’s (www.littledoms.com) in the Los Feliz neighborhood. This was the site for the movie We Bought a Zoo where Matt Damon (Benjamin Mee) ask his future wife, why would a beautiful woman like you go out with a guy like me? She uttered the famous words “Why Not?” Returning this favorite haunt reminded me that life is about taking risks, even in 20 seconds…..and eating ricotta blueberry pancakes like there is no tomorrow.

To that end, we sense that Americans are ready to get back to business, taking risks, having in person meetings again all amped with the spirit of Why Not. We all just lost a year, many of us lost loved ones, but we never lost our gumption. Let’s shake off the dust of this past year and hit the accelerator to a new future.

TV Show I’m Working On: Aligning the Dots. This is based on the popular book by my friend Dr. Philippe Bouissou. While this will be a show that helps young business leaders, the theme of alignment can help everyone unleash their full potential guiding smart risk takers to say Why Not?

Company I’m Studying as a Sponsor of Success: Ryan Cohen and Michael Day founded a fun company called Chewys. www.chewy.com. They are upbeat, enthusiastic and little funky. Loved the letter received by my daughter. Dear Heather, This is a special time of the year to reflect on all the good things in our lives. And of course, that includes the love we share with our furry family. They warm our hearts and put smiles on our faces every day. We’re honored and grateful that you’ve trusted us to help keep their bellies full, and their days filled with joy, happiness and health. Wishing you and your family the warmest wishes for the holiday. Ryan and Michael. Two founders who really care and asked Why Not take of our customers with an emotional connection?

The Why Not Awards– it’s officially award season in LA and I thought…why not give out our own Success Made to Last Best Version Awards?

1. Best Comedy that says “why not create a funnier Ground Hog’s Day- Palm Springs

2. Best Podcast of 2021- Eric Metaxis on SMTL-https://www.spreaker.com/user/4383588/ smtl-ericm

3. Best Marvel Feature or Series that made us say Why Not?: Wanda Vision. Why not concur up an alter universe to recreate a life with your spouse? We are officially addicted. For Halloween, I’m Vision and Carla will be Wanda with red balls of light emanating from her palms.

4. Best Actor in Any Series:- Anya Taylor-Joy in Queen’s Gambit. Why not imagine your next strategic move on a ceiling…while playing chess.

5. Best Director: Chloe Zhao for her vision, execution and cinematography in Nomadland. Why not follow around nomadic Americans and learn a lot about yourself through this tribe?

6. For Best Sounding Brand- It’s a tie! to Secret Deodorant and Gillette. Extraordinary work by www.gwynnesound.com. This remarkable group of marketers and musicians understand how to add emotional connectivity to a brand through sonic strategy. Why Not put a sound to your brand?

7. Best New Country Song about Why Not? – Fender Moan by Dee & E. You may have all the money in the world, but you better know how to live first. Why not try live a life full of friends, and not full of material possessions.

8. Best Non Fiction Book- Irresistible by Andy Stanley- Why Not embrace a new version of faith. Why not be the salt and light in a flavorless world?

8. Best Advice of 2021- “Why not have a North Star, stick with it and pursue it relentlessly while getting intimate with your audience along the way.” P. Bouissou

Quote I’m Pondering: “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn- American entrepreneur and a spirited author who often ask “Why Not?”

Until our next Best Version Awards, may you strive for excellence and become your own best version.

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